Periphery of the Wind

Periphery of the Wind is an observational project documenting human intervention towards nature in Daendels Street, Kulon Progo, Special Region of Yogyakarta, south coast area. Since August 2021, this video-format project created by SOKONG! collaborated with Reza Kutjh, Riskya Duavania and Alwan Brilian.

Kulon Progo, Daendels’s south coast area in particular, brings out questions related to ecological issues throughout the land usage change: from sand mining, shrimp farms, fishery port, breakwaters, to the airport. 

Two videos are presented as a sequence of travelogs. Both discuss the agricultural land usage change not only by its tangible form–the materiality, but also to trace the human intervention towards nature itself by arising questions and archiving. 

The first video focused on Riskya Duavania and Alwab Brilian’s explorations. In the journey, they have small chats and question everything to respond and reflect their findings on site. Questions regarding sand mining, stalled construction, and infrastructure projects in YIA (Yogyakarta International Airport) arose as a means of determining how this material issue intervened and existed in the area.

The second video focused on Reza Kutjh, exposing the structure and artificial atmospheric environment. He created a spatial memory index in a disaster-prone area. His video`s initiates an immersive experience that allows us to delve further into the current conditions and also the transformations of an area.

The participants of the Gudskul Collective Study batch 3 have, in the context of the course praktik spasial, been working on the notion of terraformation, while remaining grounded in the lands where they are from. The nine participating collectives are based in different areas within Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Palu. Each collective set out to read, reflect or intervene on the theme within their own context, while taking into account that not only each place is specific but also each collective has its own perspective. All collectives have ultimately produced a work interrogating terraformation and related themes while imagining new spatial futures.

All the works are exhibited virtually through

Lahan Becek is an ongoing collaborative research project convened by Gudskul, Failed Architecture and the Research Center of Material Culture (RCMC). It explores multiple critical imaginations on the notion of terraforming, specifically by intertwining large scale production of space such as land reclamations and everyday spatial practices in Indonesia. Besides the ongoing archival and field research, these themes have also been examined as a co-learning subject for the Praktik Spasial course at Gudskul: Contemporary Art Collective and Ecosystem Studies.